Jehovah's witnesses and blood transfusion

It doesn't make a difference if there are issues with blood transfusions, there are dangers with all methods. It's been examined here some time recently. In the event that you need to decline a blood transfusion, fine. However, in the event that a specialist prescribes one for a tyke, a guardian can't cannot. Basic as that. I don't believe JW's disfellow youngsters for that any longer, however I could not be right. 

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Straightforward R Nicholas770  ·  22 Jul 2014 

Blood transfusion, to the Witnesses,  is a religious matter and they don't anticipate that all will concur with them. 

Be that as it may, take a gander at the accompanying site for the bunch of therapeutic issues connected with tranfusions : 

Trust you appreciate the data Laughing 

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JamesH  ·  14 Mar 2012 

Gav You are obviously right in saying that blood transfusions like every single restorative treatment has potential dangers. Each and every therapeutic treatment is always weighting up the potential advantages versus the dangers and it is that procedure that is called educated assent. You are additionally right when you say that the move is far from transfusions and ideally at some in our future we won't require them. However as of right now the general agreement in the restorative world is that there are circumstances where transfusions are useful, for instance traumatic dying. You may be shocked to hear that there are expert level specialists who work in this very region and are qualified specialists with years of exploration and experience, so we needn't bother with your belittling comments about specialists not cottoning on. What you don't appear to have cottoned onto is that all the purported studies that you allude to are accessible to the JWs in their interminable court cases and are utilized, but the body of evidence practically perpetual quality conflicts with the JWs, This combined with the way that the larger part of specialists bolster the utilization of transfusions in specific circumstances, should without a doubt let you know something. 

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buzz  ·  14 Mar 2012 

Gav the fact is, only on the grounds that a few are fit for making a kid does not mean they are qualified to settle on medicinal choices for their kid. Last I checked, gestating and conceiving a tyke (or, in the fathers case, being a sperm giver for one night) does not qualifies you for put the letters M and D after your name).They may be lawful gatekeepers however they don't claim the kid. The tyke is a man in his or her own privilege, and as being what is indicated, merits access to the best therapeutic treatment that his or her restorative specialist can give. On the off chance that folks are wacko enough to deny their offspring of sound medicinal treatment on account of some la-la-land conviction framework, is it good to let the tyke's wellbeing endure? May there be no mix-up by the way that JW's don't boycott the utilization of blood items in light of the fact that they have seen the evil impacts of said items. They boycott them in light of the fact that they trust it conflicts with their religion, and the reactions are an insignificant helpful support to be utilized as a part of their contention. To the extent I am concerned, religion has NO spot in the restorative world, and that goes for all religion, not simply JW's. 

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GavMc  ·  13 Mar 2012 

Jamie, Buzz I think you are misreading what I said. I was differentiating The folks needing to live with Doctors decisions, particularly in situations where the specialists choice is constrained on the folks against their 'educated decision', it is not the specialists who live with the result in the event that it is terrible. I do think the negitive side of blood transfusion is relevent particularly when different medicines that have demonstrated as powerful (or all the more so) as blood transfusion are known and accessible. All the real studies that are distributed demonstrate the general results in elective surgery are better without blood then with it. Tragically numerous specialists have not yet cottoned on to this as they are frequently depending on what they were taught my years prior as 'best practice' or are just candidly appended to the idea that the media have propagaed that 'blood spares lives' without taking a gander at the figures of how blood has expense lives. I was perusing a remark from a world driving power on blood transfuson as of late, she runs an extensive blood donation center in the USA and she remarked on how from the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's there was a hugh diminishment in blood transfusions given on the grounds that dotors accepted the blood supply was not protected (because of HIV transmission in blood) but all the studies demonstrate the there were no additional fatalities because of the massivly diminished utilization of blood transfusions!. 

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Jamie  ·  13 Mar 2012 

I totally concur with Buzz and James here. Gav, most likely you can see that the thought that the family make "educated decisions" on restorative tend to their kids is insane! The thought that I may require heart surgery, and as opposed to the specialist do what's required, my mom lets him know what to do is likely the most moronic thought I've read on the web. Also, if an issue products up, the specialist needs to counsel my mam! 

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buzz  ·  13 Mar 2012 

"This truly is an issue much more extensive then JWs its about family's settling on educated decisions and recall that its the family that need to live with the result regardless." 

Gav, not the "family", the kid. It is the kid who needs to live with the outcomes (or maybe, not live), if the folks were to have their direction. 

Your reference to Hepatitis is truly not pertinent here. "Dont have an existence sparing transfusion in the event that you contract hepatitis...dont leave the smoldering building in the event that you get hit by an auto when you leave..." 

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buzz  ·  12 Mar 2012 

Gav, the folks left the clinic with no decision yet to take the case. 

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JamesH  ·  12 Mar 2012 

GavMc, It is inaccurate to say that the clinic self-assertively went to court on this issue. The clinic has an onus to act to the greatest advantage of the tyke and this is not a subjective commitment. You are adjust that a grown-up can hold a perspective about regardless of whether to take a medicinal treatment and can decline treatment for any reason including a silly reason in light of religion. The patient must exhibit to the specialists that they comprehend the treatment, and they comprehend the danger and you are revise that the specialists must give the applicable data putting in setting the danger and the effect of not taking treatment. At exactly that point is the patient in a position to settle on an educated decision to agree or to decline treatment. In any case, regarding youngsters the doctor's facility and the courts have unquestionably the commitment to ensure the best enthusiasm of the kid and both sides have the chance to give as much medicinal confirmation to demonstrate their case. There have been numerous historic point cases in connection to this issue (Fitzpartick versus K 2008 is one of the Irish reference cases) and fascinating constantly JWs free the case. Ever ask why that is. 

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Jamie  ·  12 Mar 2012 

GavMc, your contention that specialists don't realize what they're doing doesn't hold much water. We ought to test it, have 2 gatherings of 1000 truly sick individuals. One won't see a specialist or go to clinic, the other will. Presently, which gathering will have the most elevated survival rate? Obviously specialists know best, that is the reason we go to them when we're debilitated. This is essential. In the event that there's muddlings with the precedure and the specialists need to give a transfusion, would it be a good idea for them to let the tyke pass on, or would it be a good idea for them to give the transfusion? The contention that they may get hiv is pointless as well. Why get any treatment ever on the off chance that you may experience the ill effects of reactions? At the point when the option is passing, its a chance worth taking 

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GavMc  ·  09 Mar 2012 

Buzz it was not the Father and the Mother of the kid that chose to go to court it was the clinic organization. The clinic in an extremely paternalistic manner concluded that they "knew" whats best (which has regularly demonstrated wrong, so the surely understood saying 'specialists contrast and patients bite the dust') and discretionarily went to court, so costing the family cash to just clarify their prefeectly sensible remain in that they accept other well demonstrated restorative treatment would be comprehensively better then giving their kid blood. This truly is an issue much more extensive then JWs its about family's settling on educated decisions and recollect that its the family that need to live with the result regardless. Likewise recall here in Ireland a huge number of individuals have been drastically harmed and hundreds even kicked the bucket in the last ten to a quarter century to getting blood transfusions and contracting Hepatitis C and HIV disease and who knows what number of have surffered becase of missteps in coordinating accurately and having their safe frameworks hindered. So this blood transfusion issue is not as high contrast as is frequently made out by the therapeutic powers and the media. 

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buzz  ·  09 Mar 2012 

I can't accept they made every side pay their own particular legitimate expenses. The JW's ought to have been at risk for everything, it was their refusal to acknowledge fitting restorative treatment for their youngster that brought about the court case. 

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Jamie  ·  08 Mar 2012 

Another court request against a JW: paper/ireland/2012/0221/1224312116280.html A THREE-year-old kid may be given a blood transfusion amid surgery if fundamental notwithstanding complaints from his guardians, who are Jehovah's Witnesses, the president of the High Court has ruled. The tyke, who can't be named by request of the court, needs to have his tonsils out in light of repeating diseases and on the grounds that it is postponing advancement of discourse. The kid's dad told the court yesterday that he and his wife needed their child to get the best therapeutic treatment however there was a center conviction that blood "is not to be taken to the body". A specialist treating the kid said in a testimony there was a danger of death and mind harm if the healing center was not in a position to direct any transfusion. The court heard the kid obliged a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and grommet