In Vitro Fertilisation

hello people new to gathering so simply had the blended feelings after my wife had lyposcopic surgery yesterday and discovered both tubes are blocked, we are both prolific and pondering does it take long for the procedure of ivf to start any assistance and recommendations would be extraordinary completely refreshing. 

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MissSwan  ·  22 Sep 2014 

hi everybody 

I had a sublime involvement in the Russian center situated in Moscow AltraVita 

They helped me and spouse to at long last imagine after numerous years of awful tries. 

On the off chance that you plan to do IVF abroad I would emphatically suggest you AltraVita 

they have a radiantly supporting outside customers supervisor Helen who will help you with everything 

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blue78  ·  10 May 2013 

hi everybody, 

i had 2 fizzled IUIs and 1 fizzled ICSI with long convention (male fruitlessness calculate), and am currently going to begin another crisp cycle on the short convention. im 35 and have been striving for a long time. this time im doing auto insusceptible blood tests before i begin just on the off chance that im having an immunological reaction that blocks implantation, yet i dont know yet in the event that that is the situation. the i was thinking about whether anybody is doing likewise thing and has a craving for having a talk, or perhaps has officially experienced it and has some input... im drained and anxious about beginning all the infusions once more, and of trusting ... 

much thanks to you! 

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Tirno  ·  06 May 2013 

Hello there young ladies, first time posting.Have read every one of your remarks about IVF,but I might in any case want to know the amount of one round of ivf expenses keeping in mind I think I read that Clane clinic does it,what was the experience of any individual who may went to there.I have utilized Clomid severel times to no avail.Also I have the quantity of were to get a sperm consider done,however constantly cant figure out the expense until my spouse gets sample.Does anybody know of the expense. 

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BabyDreamer  ·  21 Feb 2013 

Feed Ladies 

I am joing this discourse late in the day, I am 37/ 38 in may have an AMH of 8 am have been advised its unexplained fertiltity yet I additionally have a blocked tube. Specialists are straight to IVF, I am thinking about whether there are any more strides between here + IVF, and as far as sucess rate from perusing about, is there a higher sucess rate in Spain 60%, Ireland or did I completley read that off-base. Any prompt would be incredibly refreshing as Its not something I feel I can straightforwardly examine with my friends.... 

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Banbh  ·  12 Nov 2012 

Hello there to all on here. First time posting however have been perusing every one of your posts. I'm 33, 34 in February. I am on my 2nd round of IVF, after 3 fizzled rounds of IUI & 2 cycles with Clomid. I have PCOS & unexplained fruitlessness. Had a lap & color a year ago & no conspicuous issues appeared. 

Had a sweep today and am back again tomorrow morning with recovery on Thursday as per the medical attendant today. My first round went fine as respects response to treatment ie I felt fine, no reactions from medications until after recovery when I plunged into a noteworthy low for a day however I'm arranged for that this time round. This time anyway, they've upped my dose of Puregon & its made me queasy on occasion & (TMI - statements of regret) has played devastation with my inside :( 

I'm writing this lying in bed alongside my calmly dozing hubby, I have a high temp water bottle on my tummy & standard bizarre sounds originating from my gut(!) 

Likewise feeling very blue tonight, was fine throughout the day so I don't know why its go ahead so abruptly. I am reluctant to trust & perplexed not to.. I have not even once had a positive pregnancy test. I can just envision how it would feel. 

TTC since 2009.PCOS & unexplained barrenness. 3xIUI and 2xIVF. 

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Stopper Girl  ·  16 Oct 2012 

Hello Loiner. I don't did anything distinctive. Took 1 three day weekend subsequently and after that back to work and ordinary life. Simply strolling respects exercise. 1 embie and now he is 2 years of age! 

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layley  ·  12 Oct 2012 

greetings Loiner 

To begin with infant was through follicle following not IVF, simply timed intercourse worked second was ivf had 4 cycles of folliclei following yet never ovulated because of high/low measurements they just couldnt get the upbeat medium so i chose myself i needed to do ivf rather then waste time. 

i had the Embryos set back in day 3 they were 2 eightcell embies and one was compacting.. great quality, i had between 2-4 days rest... i have an one year old so it was hard going, my DH took 2 days off to give me a chance to simply care for me so he could brain child then my mam came up for 2 days. following 4 days i felt pulling extending emotions straight away, i tried on day 8 and an extremely black out line on a FRER came up postive, i did feel that both had stuck as i felt the hauling yet turns out one and only did however excited whichever way to get that postive... i would say simply chill for 4 days, then backtrack to typical life inside of reason like no drinking smoking or frantic in-your-face excersise strolling is alright however.. eat well and simply trust and ask generally advantageous... i truly seek it works out after you hun xxx good luck 

2 young men 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April exchange of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:) 

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hopeful2  ·  12 Oct 2012 

Hello young ladies , 

I was on my first ivf after various iui however it was wiped out on day 8 into cycle as just 3 follicles . 

They are trusting on an alternate med &  higher measurement that there would be all the more next time round . 

Additionally they specified I can just restart after next menstural cycle if those 3 foliicles are gone as they may not be . 

Anyone with comparable encounters ? 

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Loiner  ·  11 Oct 2012 

Hello Layley, 

Could I make an inquiry? You have had 2 effective pregnancies, when you did ICSI, to what extent did you rest for? I rested in bed for 4 days every time, simply getting up for the loo and shower. I relaxed after that, yet I got up and was strolling around for the rest of the 16 day hold up. The specialists, simply exhorted rest for 2 - 4 days. A medical attendant companion exhorted me to have complete bed rest for 16 days. She even said I ought to utilize a bed dish. I don't think my darling spouse would admire that one as he'd need to discharge it....The sentiment of it all...I know it worked for you, so what amount of rest did you take? Additionally, any other person who has an example of overcoming adversity, let me know what you did. Much obliged 

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layley  ·  11 Oct 2012 

hey everybody trust all is well with all of you.. 

Lucy... dont stress over infusions one a day simple peezy.... i am 35 weeks prg and i have Gestational diabiets and i take 7 infusions a day bad dream. thats excluding the 10 bloods i do aday.. yet, hey good thing is it goes when i have the child in 3 and a half weeks cant just have 1 infusion a day think about the end process what you will get.. it simply astounding so look promote a field it will help you through the procedure.. stay postive you will get pregnant and it will help you through it stay sound care for your self remove beverage and simply traverse this and keep a watch out the result.. good luck however beyond any doubt you dont need it :) 

2 young men 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April exchange of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:) 

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hopeful2  ·  09 Oct 2012 

Hello there ELla & lucy2 

Much obliged to you Ella for your understanding on the FET yet aparantly at 41 It would be extremely amazing on the off chance that I had any to stop so it would seem that I won't need to choose at any rate . Stunning to hear that you had accomplishment with it however . 

I have additionally begun meds last Wednesday lucy2 for my first ivf , so good luck to you too . 

Confident 2. 

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jade81  ·  08 Oct 2012 

Howdy Lucy12 Good Luck to your excursion! Is this your first time? 

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Lucy12  ·  05 Oct 2012 

Great evenin women... 

we went to Sims yesterday&I am to begin the infusions tonight,oh so am not anticipating it...Anyone else beginning with me??? Trust everybody is doing good....xxxx 

ttc 2years, 1 Failed Ivf March 2012, 2nd go Oct 2012 

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Loiner  ·  04 Oct 2012 

Much appreciated Layley, It is incredible to hear uplifting news. Trust whatever remains of your pregnancy goes well for you xxx 

Gilgil, too bad I don't know anything about the merrion fertlity center however good fortunes with it all xxx 

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Gilgil  ·  04 Oct 2012 

Hey girls,just pondering has anyone had fortunes with 

The merrion ripeness clinic...I haven't knew about anybody going der...ive 

Done all my work up der and kinda would prefer not to experience it all some place else 


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layley  ·  04 Oct 2012 

hey loiner 

sugar had a long mail there however something isn't right with tablet 

more or less your privilege hun stay with the hari until further notice... continue attempting it will happen for you xxxxx heaps of trust running your way with reception and icsi, i will hve to have icsi next time as well, my eggs Zona is thick so dh sperm cant make it all alone. i figure i was greatly fortunate with my first child and out of 18 eggs just 2 prepared on this pregnancy becuse they didnt think about the zona however hey im 35 weeks pregnant and everything is consummate so stay with it and it will work...xxxx heaps of dust your direction good fortunes 

2 young men 3yrs and 1.5yr... Fet Nov:1-6cell,&1-7cell BFN :( Fet2: January 3rd Consultation- February 1xBlast bfn. Fet3: End of April exchange of 2blasts.. BFP 4dp5dt. Twins,:) 

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Loiner  ·  03 Oct 2012 

Much obliged to you Cinderella and Layley for hitting me up. Perhaps I'll give it one more endeavor with HARI. At any rate I know them and they know me. The staff are well disposed. You start to think it will never happen when it continues coming up short. Likewise I would prefer not to get fixated on it all. We are investigating reception as well. It would be pleasant to have kids from both ICSI and selection. Wouldn't it be stunning only for it all to happen actually. It is so distressing. Happy it worked out for you b