Do you think the smoking ban in pubs should be overturned?

As somebody that smokes when I'm drinking despite everything I don't accept the smoking boycott ought to be upset, I think the fragrance in bars notices preferable now over when you could smoke in bars, you can notice sustenance, scent and so on. Everybody merits a decision on whether they need to take in smoke or not, I worked in bars when you could smoke and cleaning up cigarette butts and ashtrays was sickening you'd discover them in vacant glasses and on the floor it used to chafe me, you don't do this at home so why might you do it in a bar? 

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Josephine Akinola373  ·  01 May 2015 

Yes, I accept that the smoking boycott in bars ought not be toppled, the vast majority these days like cigarettes excessively, more so than whatever other things and everyone realizes that cigarettes can bring about harm to the body. 


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Micksor  ·  26 Apr 2015 

No i don't , its an exercise in futility backpedaling over the mischief aloof smokin does . In bars ( Etc ) . Do individuals understand the harm they are doing to chrildren ( Babys ) while smoking in their homes , autos or anywere Children are concerned . As a Barman for a long time ( Non-Smoker ) Passive Smoke & Cleaning Stinking Ashtrays has produced its results on my Breathing. My GP exhorted me to quit Smoking , Oh Well . 

Time Will Tell 

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Mary Carmel  ·  25 Mar 2015 

I think no chance ought to the smoking boycott in bars ought to be toppled. 

The non smokers have a privilege to be in a non smoking environment and not need to take in second hand smoke, which is pretty much as hurtful as though they were smoking and have wellbeing issues because of others if this was the situation. 

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Mike Rago334  ·  16 Aug 2014 

To the extent I can tell with all the these individuals pushing for a smoking boycott all over to ensure their wellbeing, I figure they're all going to kick the bucket sound. 

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Holy messenger  ·  22 Oct 2012 

James H, Just thought I'd let you realize that my little girl's 21st is on this Saturday and its an extravagant dress. Think about what I am taking on the appearance of? A cigarette!! Would you like to descend and have an old puff off me?? 

I have confidence in all that is seen and inconspicuous. 

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Heavenly attendant  ·  10 Oct 2012 

Ex- Pat, Thank you such a great amount for your bolster (regardless of the possibility that you don't mean it, I've effectively said this to Ann essentially in light of the fact that I don't trust anybody any longer so kindly don't take it as an affront) and I trust that you will keep on giving your backing later on. 

Jamie, Thanks for indicating out that I am childish and I just consider myself. That was a compliment to me as an individual and I appreciate when parts of myself are indicated to me. What's more, obviously, I trust that you have the capacity to perceive your own particular childishness also obviously when you chose that there couldn't even be a trade off where the smoking boycott is concerned. A room far from you just couldn't be sufficient. It must be win big or bust but you can't appear to see your self-centeredness here by any means. So what is it then? Is this the way you raise your own particular children? When you make a guideline it must be your direction or nothing by any means. Isn't the tyke going to have any say at all in your choices? I have had numerous adolescents during that time in my business who have been completely alarmed of their guardians and who swing to outside help in managing their issues. Each choice we make in life is ensured to be in another region else we wouldn't know how to settle on choices legitimately in any case. 

I don't know why you raised Bonny's post and say that I overlooked it. Without a doubt, you have disregarded large portions of my posts and go ahead just to either agree with James H or look for an affront I have made. Where were every one of your solutions for my different posts? On the off chance that you had seen I have raised a wide range of smokers perspectives on this subject essentially on the grounds that I am among those individuals once a day and I have a decent information of their apprehensions and emotions around this specific issue so as opposed to utilizing you, you, you, in future, please utilize ye, ye, ye. 

I put stock in all that is seen and inconspicuous. 

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Blessed messenger  ·  10 Oct 2012 

You're totally right James H. I surely will draw back on that one. So sad Jamie. What I ought to have said truly was that we could all be dead and gone. I'll need to watch my incongruous tirades (James H could be right on that one all the same) in future. Kindly don't consider that remark important - it was just intended to be entertaining yet having taken a gander at it - I can undoubtedly perceive how it could be taken outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand. Obviously I trust that we will all be here in 10 or 15 years time - despite the fact that it could set aside that measure of time for us to end up genuine close companions, if at any point. Still there's in no way like a decent old battle beyond any doubt there's not James H, Jamie and Wiltofire? 

I put stock in all that is seen and concealed. 

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ExPat  ·  10 Oct 2012 

Blessed messenger, 

You are most likely not the only one. 

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Jamie  ·  10 Oct 2012 

Heavenly attendant, I'll aggregate you up in a couple of your quotes. Heres one from post #2666 "James H, you have said a few times about my meandering incongruous tirades, that I utilize the poor oppressed smoker act, you advised everybody out there not to take the snare and to not give her the consideration she desires. They are all exceptionally offending comments James H." But you go ahead in your last post: "And afterward in 10-15 years time we'll presumably all be flying by then so you'll have some employment attempting to discover us in the sky Jamie and ideally you'll be dead and passed by then" So its "exceedingly offending" to say that you play the discouraged card, however alright to wish me dead. Yes, my 2 youthful kids won't have a father, yet that is alright on the grounds that I'm one of the greater part that bolster the smoking boycott. I imagine that totals up every one of your posts on this string, totally narrow-mindedness and nobody exists yet yourself. Doesn't make a difference if your habbit annoys other individuals out in the open, you're the most essential one and they ought to endure whatever makes you glad. You're the casualty, not them. You, you're opressed, you're being dealt with the same as an outsider on the grounds that you decide to smoke. "Pick" being the decisive word there. Notice you additionally decide to overlook Bonnys post #2672 

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ExPat  ·  10 Oct 2012 

I had a remark on this talk however my message was rejected. It contained nothing hostile at all, only a pertainent obsevation to the cuurent circumstance. 

Little doubt remains that it is not politically right to express a supposition in opposition to the obliged one on this site. 


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JamesH  ·  10 Oct 2012 

Holy messenger, there is nothing truly of substance to react to in your last message but to request that you draw back from wishing anybody to be dead in the following 10 to 15 year. I trust we are all well and alive in 10 or 15 years and don't wish anybody any mischief or passing. I trust that you do likewise; wishing demise on a debating rival is an a lot. If you don't mind draw back from that one. 

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Holy messenger  ·  09 Oct 2012 

Isn't it uncommon how three ani-smokers all of a sudden showed up out of nowhere after James H's remark! Also, now everyone has allowed me and I'm all to sit unbothered once more! Still, it looks as if you are all male and I am female. What do they say when some female creepy crawlies are done mating with the guys? She normally eats them! 

Witofire, it additionally demonstrates that this smoking boycott was so seriously thoroughly considered when the Health group ought to likewise have had the sound judgment that a ton of smokers would stay at home with kids around. You ought to never assume anything. Individuals overlook laws all the time particularly when they are unreasonable ones. Give me one law that you overlook on a consistant level. Alternately would you say you are perfect to the point that you don't do anything at all off-base? 

We think about your new laws Jamie. I've officially said them and beyond any doubt we can simply go into the timberlands or burrow burrows underground ( obviously in the event that we discover a mole down there (another term for an against smoker) God just comprehends what will happen! I figure we'll need to have breathing apparatuses okay down there so would you see any problems with supplying these for us please? Obviously we can likewise make a go at jumping on the off chance that you supply veils for us there as well! And after that in 10-15 years time we'll likely all be flying by then so you'll have some employment attempting to discover us in the sky Jamie and ideally you'll be dead and passed by then! I ponder what you'll return as if! A smoker? (ok, that is innocuous for you and you could live long in that body!) 

Jamie, its stunning how none of the opposition to smokers walked either before any smoking boycott came in. Why was that I ponder? Truth be told - you had such an incredible reason as well and now you need us to do the inverse. Why would that be? How could you have been able to all of you begin until you come to the point of a smoking boycott? Huh? You began to spread the expression of how smoking was so awful and you needed to do that for 10 long years envision! Furthermore, you kept it up until you had a colossal armed force behind you. How would you know smokers aren't playing the same diversion right now? 

I too think it would be clever on the off chance that we had a walk! I figure our garments would have been class, our conduct would have been crazy and definatly one of the pennants would have read, "This nation is going to go up in smoke!", and beyond any doubt isn't that precisely what has happened?? 

I have confidence in all that is seen and inconspicuous. 

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JamesH  ·  09 Oct 2012 

Heavenly attendant, we have faced off regarding the inquiry ordinarily. It is hard to verbal confrontation with some person who broadcasts to imagine that smoking is beneficial for you and neglects 7 many years of exploratory examination that is upheld over the whole medicinal world that concurs that smoking is awful for you. It is likewise troublesome the level headed discussion with someone who questions the really very much recognized reality that there are approx million smokers in the nation. Regularly individuals question if this truth be told sufficiently expansive a figure considering the measure of bootleg market cigarettes smoked, yet you appear to be stating that it could be essentially less. It is hard to verbal confrontation with some perso